Creating a datastory with cleaned job data

For the hands-on part, you can follow along: 

What is

  • A data publishing platform with advanced visualizations and filtering options

  • Our long term vision is to be to datasets what Youtube is to video

  • Silk converts a dataset into an interactive website

  • Every row in a spreadsheet gets converted into a datacard behind a URL

  • On top you can build a datastory with visualizations, text, and images as a data story platform

  • Silk has a great page builder for engaging stories about patterns and outliers

  • But it also lets readers place themselves in the context of the data

  • Single data entries can be just as interesting as the big picture

  • You can embed Silk visualizations on other web pages for Growth Hackers

  • Perfect for content marketing that lasts

  • Lets you analyze and present your internal data

  • Great as a people database

  • Responsive embeds fit well in your larger content strategy

A few examples

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