1. Create Your Dataset

a) Get a List of AngelList Job Offerings for Growth Hackers

  1. Search AngelList for “Growth Hacker” jobs. (See this query)

  2. Get links to all the job offers listed through Chrome Scrape Similar extension. To do this, scroll to the end of the page untill all the job offers are loaded. Then click anywhere on the page and right-click with the mouse. Select “Scrape Similar”. In the pop-up window, type the following XPath: 

    • //div[@class='title']/a/@href
  3. In the 'Columns' section, add a '@title', '@src', and '@href' column to make sure you get all the relevant data. Also, leave 'Exclude empty results' unticked.

  4. Click 'Scrape' and copy the results to the clipboard, then create a Google Sheet and copy these job offer urls in the first column. Throw away empty columns from the Scrape Similar paste.

  5. Repeat Step 2. and 3. with the following XPaths as well:

    • Get Job Title for each job offering:

      • //div[@class='title']/a/text()
    • Get Job Compensation for each job offering:

      • //div[@class='compensation']
    • Get Job Tags for each offering:

      • //div[@class='tags'
  6. Now create a new sheet in your Google Sheet called 'Companies' and fill it with the following XPaths:

    • Get the company name and angellist profile page:

      • //div[@class='browse-table-row-name js-browse-table-row-name']/a
    • Get the company image:

      • //div[4]/div/div/div/div/a/img
    • Get the company location:

      • //div[@class='tag locations tiptip']
    • Get the company tagline:

      • //div[@class='tagline']